About Kristen

Where It All Began...

I have been riding and competing horses for more than 35 years. I have competed in western pleasure, hunters and dressage.  My family and I also breed Hanoverian horses for sporthorse disciplines in Queen Creek, Arizona.  I have spent more than 20 years  studying and practicing equine healing. 

I began my studies in Chinese Medicine (TCM) in 1996. I had the distinguished honor of training with Dr. Xie Peiqi in  Beijing, China.  Dr Xie was the lineage holder for the Yin Style Bagua  Zhang martial and medical arts system until his passing in 2003.  Dr.  Xie was a TCM practitioner and tremendous healer.  Yin Style Bagua Zhang  is a very complex and complete art, encompassing healing, martial, and  Qi (energy) nurturing aspects.  I am honored and blessed to have been able to study with Dr. Xie.

I give special thanks to Spring, Bud and Samantha and all the animals that have taught me over the years.  They are sensitive and responsive in their lessons and incredibly encouraging and patient as teachers.  My love of animals and the desire to heal them has led me down life’s path.  I also thank my loving husband for his never-ending support and encouragement to pursue my passion.  

Certifications and Training

Dr Xie, Beijing China

Bagua Zhang TCM 1996-2001

Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute


Equine Acupressure Certification 2008

Assistant Instructor 2009 - Present

NBCAAM Equine Acupressure Certification 2012

BioEnergetics Equine Sports Therapy

Energy Healing Course 101 and 201 2006-2007

Masterson Method 

Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork 2010

Open Pathways Energy and Communication

Reiki Level I 2012

Angel's Animals LLC

Equine Kinesiology Taping Certification 2015

Pete Ramey

Hoof Rehabilitation Workshop 2015

Benefits of Bodywork

Acupressure offers horses thousands of years of natural healing and optimal health.  Current conventional and eastern medicines scientific  studies and clinical observation have proven that the benefits of  acupressure include:

  • Reducing fear, anxiety and stress
  • Dealing with issues of aging and past injuries 
  • Improving body flexibility and mobility
  • Relieving muscle spasms and stiffness 
  • Strengthening muscles, tendons, joints and bones 
  • Building the immune system to resolve or prevent illness 
  • Releasing of natural cortizone to reduce swelling and inflammation 
  • Releasing endorphins necessary to increase energy or relieve pain 
  • Enhancing mental clarity and clam required for focus in training and performance 
  • Resolve injuries more readily by increasing the blood supply and removing toxins 


"Kristen helped our aged gelding after he took a bad fall on a trail.   Immediately I could see the positive and healing effect her caring hands had on him.  She was able to pinpoint his sore spots and I could visibly see him relax and loosen up.  After just two visits he was  remarkably improved. " Karen M.

"Happy pony!  I’m so excited to see the change in him! He has energy flowing freely through him and it shows! He’s happy! He moves comfortably! I’m happy!" Maggie C.