HANSBO Sport Products

The Hansbo Sport ICM series combines many years of expertise in equestrian products with innovative
therapeutic technology that targets vulnerable areas of the horse that are sensitive during and after hard work. While focused on rehabilitation, our latest product line is also designed for optimal fit, function and style. 

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Barefoot Treeless Saddles

We started carrying these beautifully made saddles after riding in them  for several years.  We have many clients competing in 50+ mile Endurance  rides using these saddles and all of them have healthy and strong  backs!  We have a number of models to choose from including Western,  English/Dressage, and Endurance.  The rider is able to feel the true  movement of the horse's back. Your horse will move better and freer and  be so much happier riding in the Barefoot saddles.  Not all treeless  saddles are created equal so don't be fooled into buying a cheap  treeless and expecting the same results.  The Barefoot saddles have the  patented Vertabrae Protection System (VPS) which allows spinal  protection and excellent weight distribution.  These saddles are  designed in Germany by an equine physiotherapist.  Please contact us for  more info and to schedule your saddle fitting.  

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Dynamite Specialty Products

Dynamite Marketing Inc. provides the highest quality vitamin and mineral  supplements. They offer over 30 years of experience and 70 different  integrity based products for all living things. They feature a complete  product line that ranges from basic supplements to exclusive specialty  products for certain specific conditions. They use synergistic  ingredients such as their own probiotic fermentation extracts,  microtraces (over 70 different naturally-chelated minerals), detoxifying  and pH balancing clays, herbs, and homeopathics make Dynamite formulas  the most complete products available today. 

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Precision Equine Solutions

Precision Joint Solution is an innovative supplement scientifically  formulated to support and maintain the health of your equine’s joints and connective tissue.  

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DE36 Natural Wormer

De36 is an all natural worming product which doesn't contain harmful  chemicals. Fed on a daily basis, it gives your horse continuous  protection from internal parasites. DE36 is a diatomaceous earth product  that contains 36 naturally ocurring trace minerals along with  montmorillonite clay.  DE36 mode of action for insect and parasite  control is strictly mechanical. The microscopically sharp edges contact  the insect or parasite piercing their protective coating, dehydrate and  die.   

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